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If there is one thing we know here at City Construction Services, it’s how to take a worse for wear building and turn it into a sparkling gem.

Imagine your unloved Georgian house, battered by the eroding powers of the elements and stained by the green creeping blanket of algae which slowly smothers it year on year.

Now imagine the team from CCS arrive all suited and booted, ready to transform our unloved Georgian friend into an object of architectural desire. A real statement house that turns, your one down the road, algae green with envy.

Make it inspire the passer-by of glorious days gone by

YOUR home is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will ever make, and just like any other investment it requires attention if it is to fulfil its function and also rise in value.

Whether you are looking to restore or maintain period masonry features or Capitalise on your property portfolio or simply maintain your homes value, ensuring that both the buildings integrity and aesthetic fundamentals are taking care of is a must.

Here at City Construction Services we have over 30 years of specialised experience in ensuring just that. We have invested a great deal of time and effort in our workforce to ensure our masons are trained in the highly skilled art of repointing using lime mortar.

This method requires the use of time tested techniques which in the last half century have unfortunately been largely abandoned in favour of cement mortar, which may be more time effective but sacrifices the overall quality of the finish.

Replacing defective joint mortar not only improves the look of a building but it also protects its structural integrity ensuring stronger defences against the effects of weathering.

Whether we are working on a high profile building with detailed masonry features, such as Clonard Monastery, Queens University or even the modern Victoria Centre to your bespoke home, we ensure that the highest of standards are maintained to achieve the best possible finish.

We also specialise in the repair of unsightly environmental damage to stone work such as air pollution and the spread of algae. Both of which can make buildings look tired and dilapidated.

So whether you need expert repointing or advice and our services on how best to treat an unsightly environmental influence, give us a call to book a site meeting so we can tailor our service to your needs.

Repointed Houses
Repointed Houses
Repointed Houses
Repointed Houses

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